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What is an IP Address?
Your IP Address is a unique number that identifies you on the internet much like a phone number or mailing address.

Many websites and other online services track and log your IP address. These logs can be used to track virtually anything you do online. In addition to this, nearly all ISPs (Internet Service Providers) such as Verizon, Comcast, Charter and AOL log what IP Address you were using and when eliminating any privacy you have on the Internet.

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More About IPs:
Finding your IP Address is now as simple as logging onto IPFinding.com. IP Stands for "Internet Protocol." Your IP address is much like your phone number. Just like you must know someones phone number to call them, your computer must know the IP Address of any other computers on the network it wishes to communicate with and vise versa. Normally, this is all handled transparently from you, the user. Unlike a phone number, IP Addresses can change quite often without you realizing it, this is called a Dynamic IP Address. A DSL users IP Address for instance may change every few days. Bookmark this page, write down you IP, come back every few days and see if your IP address changes.